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The "Csiky Gergely" Hungarian State Theatre in Timișoara covers the preferences of the town's multicultural audience through a rich repertoire, sensitive to the taste of the public for the classic or contemporary authors. Therefore, we offer different types of performances: classic and contemporary theatre, one-man performances, non-verbal performances, music, puppets and marionette theatre plays. Our public benefits from a simultaneous translation into Romanian (earphones or surtitles) in order to facilitate access, but also to show that the language is not an impediment, but a binder.

A Hungarian theatre troupe officially exists in Timișoara since 1953, even though a century-long tradition exists. The company of the "Csiky Gergely" Hungarian State Theatre is young, enthusiastic, demonstrating a high level of professionalism, always in search of new forms of artistic expression. Participation in multiple international festivals, which have brought many prestigious awards, is just a confirmation of the actors' high commitment to theatre, for instance National Theatre Festival in Bucharest, Reflex International Festival in Sfântu Gheorghe, International Classical Theatre Festival in Arad, KPMIT 15 in Montenegro, INFANT in Serbia, Gdansk Shakespeare Festival, The Festival of Hungarian Theatres in Kisvárda, Ex Ponto Festival in Slovenia, the International Shakespeare Festival in York, Contemporary Theatre Festival Drama Hungary, Desiré Central Station in Serbia, Sterijino Pozorje in Serbia, Romanian Dramaturgy Festival and Eurothalia Festival in Timisoara etc. The directors which have collaborated with the theatre in recent years are Schilling Árpád, Silviu Purcărete, Urbán András, Victor Ioan Frunză, Florin Fieroiu, Hajdu Szabolcs, Radu Afrim, Kokan Mladenović  etc.

One of the theatre's main projects is TESZT, the Euroregional Festival of Theatre Timişoara, marking its 10th edition in 2017.  The event is international, non-competitional, and it is meant to promote the knowledge of multiculturalism and inform the public about the latest theatre trends in dramaturgy in neighboring countries and even Western Europe. This is why, preparing for 2021 when Timisoara will be the European Capital of Culture, the 2017 edition benefited from 29 invited companies from 16 countries. Over the years, the Festival has become a platform for cultural exchange and it is always a forum for dialogue with artists and other theatre professionals.

Another important component of our collaboration with other theatres is creating performances in co-production with theatres from other countries. This is how "Hungarian", directed by Urbán András, was co-produced with the "Kosztolányi Dezső" Theatre in Subotica, Serbia, "Exit" by Schilling Árpád, co-produced with "Ioan Slavici" Classical Theatre in Arad and the National Theatre in Sombor, Serbia, also "Manipulations" co-produced with Via Negativa, Slovenia, MASZK, Hungary, "Kosztolányi Dezső" Theatre Serbia.

Since 2007, the manager of the theatre is actor Balázs Attila.

The theatre's repertoire is built based on these programs:

TALENTUM - productions created by members of the acting company, as a possibility to support their talent

LYRA - valorification of musical tradition in order to emphasise the actors' vocal potential and physical mobility

DRAMA - contemporary theatre performances based on new tendencies, for both Hungarian and international writers.

EPIDAUROS - workshops and conferences given by theatre professionals, in order to improve the actors' physical and mental abilities

ATHENE - invited performances

THESPIS - puppet theatre performances, for educating the public aged 3-14

EUROPA - vast projects with other European institutions and structures

THALIA - classical dramaturgy in a modern interpretation

OLYMPIA - extratheatrical projects focused on sports and promotion of olympic values





The "Csiky Gergely" Hungarian State Theatre in Timișoara is located on 2 Mărășești Street, inside the Palace of Culture (built 1872-1874), a building which also accommodates the Romanian Opera, the German State Theatre and the "Mihai Eminescu" Romanian National Theatre. Lack of rehearsal and performance space has long been a burning issue. The Hungarian theatre has two performance halls - the Main Hall which can seat 126 people and the Studio Hall for 50 spectators, with a total of 161,9 sqm. The newer part of the building houses a tapestry studio, a tailoring workshop, the large storage facility, all of which belong exclusively to the Hungarian Theatre, as well as the décor storage hall, shared with the German State Theatre, the elevator, painting workshop and the staircase used by all four institutions. 




Surface (sqm)




Other audience spaces outside the  performance halls (hallway, changing rooms, cafe etc.)









Storage facilities




The Hungarian and German State Theatre are sharing the existing Main Hall and Studio Hall, which creates difficulties in scheduling rehearsals and performances for both institutions.

Regarding our technical possibilities, the lights-projection department is working with 25 lights PAR, 21 lights 650, 39 lights 1000W, 5 lights 2000W, 21 LED lights, 14 profile lights, 10 panorama, 5 consoles, 7 dimmers, 5 video projectors, 3 rear projection screens, 5 smoke machines and 2 stroboscopes. The sound department is working with 15 wireless microphones, 21 speakers, monitors, 14 microphones, 8 conference microphones, 5 amplifiers, 6 mixers, 3 CD players, 2 laptops with sound board, 1 controller, 6 sets of headsets for simultaneous translation (a total of 120).

The Main Hall was gradually reconditioned starting in 2008, while the Studio Hall and the adjoining hallway was finished in 2017. Considering the insufficient space for production of performances according to our repertoire strategy, the goal of the „Csiky Gergely" Hungarian State Theatre is to restore and recondition a former cinema house, Arta, which was recently transferred to the property of Timisoara Town Hall. Several steps have already been made in that direction, at the beginning of a lengthy process.


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